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Be an Extraordinary Student

Be an Extraordinary Student
by: Ade Permata Surya

(Contoh Essay untuk mengikuti kegiatan YLI- 
Young Leaders for Indonesia)

Born in family with good education background, it mademe to grow with feeling that life just for study, to get a good mark,and to get best rank in school. Sincechild, my parent askedme only to study. So, until I went touniversity, I became a study oriented" student. I never care with my environment, I just study in campus and go home if my class finished. It continued until the end of my first year in university. In second year, I feel my life was so flat, I thought that I was not useful for my environment and society. So, I triedto join with one of big organization in my campus, the name was GCUI (Green Community UniversitasIndonesia).

GCUI was university scale organization focusing on giving impact through environment movement to society. This was my first organization that I joined. I entered GCUI since 2010 just as staff of research. Meanwhile, in first month after joined, I challenge myself to get more responsibility to be a leader of national scale project ran by GCUI. As the result, I was selected as the project officer of Heal the World.This was an experience which become a turning point of my life.

Running Heal the World project was not an easy task because this is my first time experience to lead team and to give change to society. I must lead the biggest event of GCUI with 200 participants around Indonesia, 3 days event which running in Pramuka Island, and with budget over than 100 billion rupiah. Limitation of 3 months to running the event made me to challenge myself that I must make the event with great result and impact.

Becoming a “one man show” people was not solution. With less experience of organization, I try to learn by doing. I had to manage 40 staffs nicely which work in GCUI to reach all the goals. I made good relationship among all the staff, able to work in teams, prioritze the time, and give delegation to all the members. I also propose some unique event in heal the world for boosting the impact of the event which are mangrove planting and healing the coral reefs. We also set plans more than one plan regarding the event will be held in island which surrounded with sea water and unpredictable weather.

I realize that the passion made me to run this event nicely with best preparation. With this small step, we were happy because not only the event running well but also about the impact that had been done. More than 400 mangroves were planted and more than 1 km2 coral reefs in diameter of pramuka island was healed. After the event, GCUI become well known in society because of the documentation which attract attention from many students, NGO, media, and Governement in Indonesia. This experience bring me to get another achievements and giving more impact to Indonesia.

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